Q) is this really possible to avail financial service without visiting lender's office?

The trend has changed so as the money lending process where lenders have provided an easy online application process for lending any money so, it is not necessary to visit lender's office to apply for any loan.

Q) who can apply for online cash benefits?

An applicant who is opting this format for sending loan requests should be having minimum 18 years of age, only UK citizens are applicable here so make sure the person has UK citizenship, a running bank account and have repayment ability.

Q) what is the process we need to follow here?

First of all, go through the details mentioned here on this site. then, you may find out an easy online form containing few fields. it should be filled with some basic details such as full name, e-mail id, loan format, bank details, contact details, etc.

Q) how much we can actually avail through this process?

It depends on the requirements and repayment ability of every individual so as the rate of interest also vary.

Q) what if my request is already rejected by other lenders due to bad credit rating?

It doesn't matter whether the applicant is bad creditor or good creditor as your past credit records may not influence the lender's decision.

Q) what is the repayment process?

Repayment should be done whether by offering advance PDC's or you can give direct access of your bank account from where they can transfer monthly installment or full amount in one shot.

Q) what if I have multiple reasons for extra cash requirements?

All the reasons can be covered with online cash benefits whether it is only a single expense or you have to consolidate debts, have to pay off some utility bills as well as dealing with some small fiscal issues. Your multiple financial issues can be converted into one with this online cash format.